Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Day 10: Last Day

We woke up this morning to "In the jungle" performed by Shona & Flick. We then headed out for a final bit of work finishing painting the doors the loo doors. 

We had an early break and invited back all of the builders and carpenters for Mandazi and tea after a cold, wet morning. Then after break, because all of our work was done we gathered all the children in the school play area and went to the football pitch for some final fun and games. 

Here we played a very hectic have of stuck in the mud then bulldog with about 150 children! We then played chicken in a hen house which all of the kids were in hysterics about!

We then all returned to the house to start packing in preparation for our early start tomorrow. 

We were all ecstatic to hear that chicken was on today's lunch menu and the boys were salivating over the sight of meaty protein. For our final lunch in Chillingani we were joined by some local dignitaries including the school head, teachers, the Chief's representative and Winnie (one of the founders of Joshua) along with her son David; they had walked 3.5 hours to join us!

Following lunch we had a final practice of 'Pitch Perfects' 'Cup Song' before heading out to join the rest of the village at the leaving ceremony. 

The ceremony began with some fairly energetic dancing which shocked some participating members of the team (I.e Callum). Speeches were made by various members of the community along with Miss Clarke, Leader Aimee and Callum with some heart felt speeches which reflected our sadness to be leaving. A particularly memorable moment of the ceremony was one of the teachers singing a farewell song to us which we all found very touching. Our musical offering of 'the cup song' was received very well! Instead of silence like last time we were met with applause and drumming. 

After saying our final goodbyes we headed back to the house to continue packing . To end the day some of the team took a stroll to get a good view of the setting sun in the Malawian mountains. 

The last supper was followed by an attempt from Josh to teach us all how to make paracord bracelets, some questionable rapping from 'Fresh Prince' by the teachers and leaders and of course some final rounds of Bananagrams. To round things up we will be having a relatively early night in preparation for an early start and 4/5 hour bus journey to the safari.

We are all very sad to be leaving the village and all the children. However, we are also buzzing for the next few days.

See you all on Saturday.


Lots of love,

Erin & Amy 



  1. Can't believe what a fabulous experience you have all had in this village so far away from your everyday lives . It will be something that you and all the children you have befriended will never forget and we are so very proud of you and all you have done out there. We hope that your final few days will be the icing on the cake and can't wait to see you at the weekend to hear all about it. Love and miss you loads . Mum and dad xxx

  2. It sounds like you have had an amazing day, so many memories that you will never forget. Can't wait to see you on Saturday and hear all about everything. Enjoy the Safari, very proud of you. Xxx

  3. Very well done to you all!!! You've made a big difference. Looking forward to hearing all about your adventures. See you on Saturday:-)

  4. Well done to everyone for all your hard work. I'm sure it's much appreciated by everyone in the village. we promise to have lots of protein on the menu for Saturday, Dom! Looking forward to hearing all about it. Mum x

  5. Well done everyone, you are all a credit to yourselves, your families and school!

    Have a great time away on safari - it sounds like you richly deserve it after the work you've put in.

    Can't wait to see you Erin!

  6. Well done all of you. You should all be proud of yourselves. Enjoy your safari. Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday and I will have rice and veg ready for supper or did you order macaroni cheese???
    PS The unknown message above is from Dad.