Friday, 8 July 2016

Day 6: Waka Waka

The day started with a rendition of waka waka by Maisy and Shona. Today's jobs consisted of carpentry, liming toilets and plastering. Our tense murder mystery game continued and the plot thickened as 2 more were 'killed', the most entertaining death, by a live chicken being handed to Callum by the water pump. 

The project is continuing to develop and our hard work is evident as the final project is coming together.

One of today's highlights was lunch where we were treated to egg, chips and chapattis (thanks to Ida and Lucy).

The afternoon of work today came to an end with a game of football and of course the hokey kokey with the children. Unfortunately one of the children found themselves in Lily's pathway when she was kicking the ball, however, thankfully no injuries were obtained.

We then had a very nice rice based dinner which was amazing as this time the rice wasn't burnt or stuck together. However, this was all thanks to Chef Ida's strict instructions.

We are currently attempting to teach the gang the 'cup song' to perform at the leaving ceremony on Wedbesday but it's proving to be difficult and extremely loud.

Spirits and energy are high and all is good in the Malawi squad house!

Toanana Mawa!

Lily & Flick



  1. Having problems posting but we're really looking forward to your blog each day! Glad to see you've improved your painting skills Ellie - there's jobs waiting for you back home! Euro final is France v Portugal and the Wimbledon final is Murray v Raonic if anybody is interested! Keep up the hard work and miss you loads, love Mum and Dad x P.S no jamosi yet? P.P.S Glad to hear nobody has torn their ligaments playing football this time! - Georgia xx

  2. Loving the daily blogs, very entertaining! Callum, sounds like you on kitchen duty when you get home. We are all missing you. Keep up the hard work, will be great to see the final project. Sounds like you having a great time. More pictures please! Mum, Dad, Katrina & Cassie xxx

  3. Double water to rice, bring to boil rapidly then simmer!

    Thanks for the updates, would be (unnecessarily) anxious without them and I know it's a technical challenge to add more than text.