Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Day 3: Blog!

Dear family and friends of Hurst Malawians 2K16,

Its the lads time in the limelight. 

Today was an exciting day for everyone, however the common phrase 'bring the good weather back with you' would make no change to the conditions back home.

On the first Tuesday of our expedition, we began the project. For Ellie and Big Cal it was a very early start. However, we were all woken up at (in my personal opinion) at a. obscene time by the high - pitched squeals of Callum's cold shower.

Here's a little rap prepared for you:

Breakfast was highly nutritious,
but it was also delicious,
mixed with peanut butter and honey,
it's not even funny,
it didn't have to be sunny,
to bring the honey out in everyone,
Dom and Call out.
(mic drop)

Simon Cowell sign us up.

After our scrumptious breakfast, we all got ready and headed out into the village. 

Fortunately for Erin, a bin bag was on hand to replace her absent rain coat. 

Once we headed out into the village we split into four groups; brick laying, brick carrying, sand moving and cement mixing, and carpentry. New experiences all round, especially in mixing cement and building the walls of the new toilet block.

Maisy confidently led the way with two bricks under her arms, followed by five year old girls carrying six bricks on their heads! Maisy also expressed her innate modelling skills, not even having to pose for Aimee's camera.

A portion of our time was spent making desks and tables to fill the classrooms that were built by former Hurst Malawians.

Arriving back at the house, the two of us boys got the Frisbee out (a bucket lid), however when the more pro Frisbee - er Pip Mooney had a try, the Frisbee,  en route to Callum's hands was 'blown' into a crowd of children.

This comes to the end of our time so Josh our leader doesn't have to stay up late typing it up (we had an extra 3000 words to explain everything in detail!). (I'm very grateful gents! - Josh)

To round it up, morale in the Malawi household is high, despite the rain - smiles all round! 

Please feel free to comment in the boxes below.

Love, the two boys

Callum and Dom


  1. Ah.... sorry about your raincoat Erin!! Character building?!!! xx

  2. A very entertaining update. Shona's acquired hod carrying and bricklaying skills will be very useful back at home!!

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    1. Its bad enough being woken to Callum singing in the shower, let alone squealing! We can only sympathise with you all! Sounds like you are having an amazing time and learning some new skills which will come in useful when home! Work hard, keep safe and have fun x