Thursday, 7 July 2016

Day 5: Bo azimayi/ azibambo

We started our day by having a beautiful remake of the little mermaid by the teachers (our wake up call).

During breakfast our leaders Aimee and Josh introduced us to a game called assassin, which would last the rest of the trip. The aim of the game is to 'kill' the person you were allocated by passing a specific object to the person you were allocated in a specific location. The first person to be 'murdered' was our cook Ida which left her in fits of laughter. So far 7 are 'dead' with 7 remaining. 

The project has now developed into a walled building with brick work and plastering near completion on the new toilet block. 

During our break we were taught some basic Chichewa by our project officer Joe.

In the evening we finished things off with the hat game. The group was split into 2 teams and we had 3 rounds to compete:

1. Describe the famous person
2. Describe with 1 word
3. Act it out

The game became very competitive between the teams.

Now we're just heading to bed with Everyone getting an early night (7.30pm).

Usiko Wabwino

Maisy & Pip xxx

(P.s Happy birthday to Juan)

PPS sorry wi fi is not playing ball
tonight so no photo today!!


  1. Thanks for the birthday wishes we will celebrate when you get home to Spain , very quiet without you here Lily . Sounds like you are all having a lovely time and without technology ! Fantastic ! Love hearing about what you are doing everyday . Lots of love mum and dad xxxx

  2. It's great to hear you're all not dying without phones!

  3. Sounds great fun, and I agree, see how creative you get without social media :) Really impressed by your building and teamwork skills. Have to admit to missing you now though Erin! Dulcie and Woody send lots of love too. Well done all of you, great job X